Trimble Earthworks GO!

The leading grade control system for local contractors and owner/operators

1: Make & Model



84-inch Grader

96-inch Grader

108-inch Grader

PD Series Box Blade

GB108 Grader Blade

Please identify your grader's make & model above

2: Technology Configuration

Slope Only

The system will automatically control the blade
slope while the operator controls elevation

Single laser + Slope

The system will automatically control the
elevation and blade slope

Dual Laser

The system will automatically
control each blade tip

3: Required Components

Mount - Mast Plate, GO! Box, w/ Hardware


Kit - Sensor, Single LR410 Laser Receiver, GCS


Kit - Sensor, Dual LR410 Laser Receivers, GCS


Kit - Earthworks GO!, Cat EH, SSL Box Blade (BB12x)


Kit - Earthworks GO!, Bobcat EH, SSL HD Grader


Kit - Earthworks GO!, Basic Non-EH, SSL, w/ VM510


Kit - Earthworks GO!, ATI EH, SSL Box Blade


Cable, Coil, 10-6 Quick Disconnect (x2)


Cable, Coil, 10-6 Quick Disconnect


Cable - Bobcat, Coiled .6M Ret, 3M Ext. (x2)


Cable - Bobcat, Coiled .6M Ret, 3M Ext.


4: Optional Components

Heavy Duty Aluminum Elevating Tripod

A rugged, adjustable tripod for easy grade laser setup


Spectra Precision GL422 Grade Laser

Spectra Precision's medium-tier grade laser that provides accuracy on a budget


Spectra Precision GL722 Grade Laser

Spectra Precision's top-of-the-line dual slope grade laser for machine control applications


Spectra Precision LL300S Grade Laser

Spectra Precision's entry level grade laser that provides a great starting point for new users


Trimble TDC600 Android Handheld

The Trimble TDC600 handheld is a sleek, all-in-one rugged smartphone with a built-in professional GNSS receiver


5: Optional Services

Earthworks GO! Training

Hands on training with an expert technician. Includes free product delivery.


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